Your First Dental Visit

Your first dental visitBecause each person is unique, when you visit the Italian Dental Clinic we provide a full dental examination, which includes:



  • Oral Health Check – This includes basic teeth cleaning and checking for gum disease.
  • Head and Neck Cancer Exam – We will check the soft tissues of your mouth, throat and surrounding structures for any signs of cancer.
  • Occlusal Exam – We will analyse your bite for any problems.
  • TMJ Exam – We will assess your temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joints) for any indication of an underlying disorder.
    Radiograph Exam – We will take detailed x-rays and other scans. Our dentists use these x-rays and scans to diagnose problems with your teeth, jaw, and mouth.
  • Salivary Function Exam – We check the quantity and quality of your saliva.
  • Aesthetic Exam – We evaluate your teeth’s colour, position, shape, size, alignment and your overall smile and work with you if you want to make any changes.