Why Visit The Dentist

why visit a dentistBecause you want strong teeth


At first, tooth decay is relatively painless and can develop unnoticed until its advanced stages. Our dentists are trained to identify problems early and begin the appropriate treatment immediately. Even minor tooth decay can lead to more serious problems, including major dental concerns, if it is not addressed early and properly. Once the tooth decay’s progression is halted, our dentists can save or restore tooth structure with proper and professional treatment.



Because you want clean teeth


Although you might brush and floss daily, for proper oral health and hygiene, you must brush and floss the correct way. Our dental hygienist will help you learn the most effective ways to clean your teeth and maintain a healthy smile. Using the most technologically advanced tools available today, our hygienist will clean your teeth, removing the plaque and tartar, and demonstrate proper flossing and brushing techniques so that you can keep your smile sparklingly clean at home.


Because you want a beautiful smile

Recent advances in dentistry mean you no longer have to settle for discoloured, missing, or misshapen teeth. At the Italian Dental Clinic, our dentists are experts at creating Smile Makeovers. With a wide variety of options available, including teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, you can achieve the beautifully bright smile you deserve.


Because you want to look after your health


Bacteria from untreated gum disease can travel through your body and spread an infection to other areas, causing illness and disease. To ensure overall health and wellbeing, it is important to start with a healthy mouth. Our skilled staff can help you improve both your oral and overall health.