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Teeth Whitening


Laser Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening treatments enhance the colour of teeth, restoring them to a cleaner, whiter appearance. As we age our teeth naturally darken and discolour. Drinking tea, coffee, and eating certain foods, as well as plaque buildup and tartar, can all add to the problem.

Smoking too will dramatically darken and further discolour teeth. At the Italian Dental Clinic, we offer three types of whitening treatments: internal (where bleach gel is placed inside the tooth), external (where bleach gel is placed on the outer surface of the tooth), and power or laser bleaching (where lasers amplify the power of the bleach gel to speed up the whitening process).

For patients looking for take-home whitening treatments, Soft-Tray Classic Sheets are specifically designed to create custom-made whitening trays.

There are a few side effects, which normally resolve after a few days. These side effects sometimes include increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods, a sore throat, and white patches on your gums.

Yes, this is possible; however, over the counter teeth whitening products for home use are not professional-strength formulas and the long term benefits may be significantly reduced.

  • Internal teeth whitening is limited to use after a root canal treatment. During the procedure, we will place a bleach gel inside the tooth and seal it with a short term filling. The bleach remains inside the tooth for a week until the filling and gel are removed at a follow-up appointment.
  • External teeth whitening can be performed at home after fitting with a customized rubber tray and demonstrating the whitening procedure. The process requires repeated applications for 30 to 60 minutes over 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Power or laser bleaching is used when faster, more powerful whitening, is required. After placing bleach gel on the teeth, we apply a special laser over the teeth to increase the gel’s whitening power.


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