Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive toothTeeth become sensitive when the underlying layers of the tooth are exposed after the gums have receded. The exposed nerve of the tooth is sensitive to hot and cold drinks and even sugary foods, which can result in pain that can last for hours. Our team will reccommned changes in diet and dental hygiene practices to alleviate this problem. If your tooth sensitivity is caused by bruxism, our dentist will design a customised mouth guard used whilst sleeping to minimise damage.

How can I immediately address my tooth sensitivity?

At home, you can reduce your intake of acidic foods. When drinking smoothies or juices use a straw to minimise contact between the acid and the tooth. Also, limit sugary foods and fizzy drinks, especially for children. For the best at-home tooth care, use a soft bristled brush and change it every 3 months. Ask your dentist to recommend a fluoride mouth wash.