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Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

Sometimes, however careful you are with your oral hygiene routine, you may still require a filling as a result of tooth decay caused by plaque or trauma.

Plaque forms when acid produced by bacteria in your mouth interacts with sugary substances from foods and drinks. Plaque must be removed as thoroughly as possible to prevent damage to the tooth enamel and the softer dentine, which can compromise the tooth.

Once you develop tooth decay, you and your dentist at the Italian Dental Clinic will need to decide the best form of treatment to proceed. If the decay is only moderate, (sometimes known as dentine decay) a regular filling will be required. If the decay has developed to a more serious level, by moving internally as far as the nerve, then root canal treatment will be required.

A white composite filling is the most popular type of filing, which blends aesthetically with your natural teeth and bonds to the existing tooth tissue and can be fitted in one single appointment. Porcelain, and composite inlays and onlays, whilst also designed to match the natural teeth, are ideal for larger areas. They require 2 dental appointments and are produced in our own in-house specialist lab to fit the individual tooth.


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